Heavy Lifting for the Soul at Morning Muscles

I'm re-thinking my anger over the club which hosts the Masters golf tournament not allowing women because there was  a man in Morning Muscles today. He was a rafter type. A summer guide looking fellow. Young, blond, tattooed. Strong. (He had 12 pound weights, I use 8. Although a few really buff gals lift 10.) He was very nice, polite, and not at all concerned that he was the only guy in the room, even when a few of us joked about it, in a nervous kind of way. (Turns out a couple of summer guys and guests have been showing up at the Zumba dance class, too.)  Once we got to the workout he stuck to his mat the way we all do. Still,  I would not have worn my tighter pair of yoga pants had I known I'd be in mixed company. I didn't comb my hair either. (I mean, the class begins at 6am.) The woman in front of him tugged at her shirt to keep it down over her lower back. One man really did change the class. Was it harder today, or did I just imagine that because I was trying not be so wimpy? But we survived. It was right to welcome him. To be inclusive. Still, what if he tells his friends. What would two young men do to the class? What happens if ten show up on Thursday? Will they take over? Would I still attend or would it be for more fun, single women now? (I have a feeling these same concerns have been raised by the board of Augusta, and no doubt their wives.)  My husband Chip always says he wishes he had a Morning Muscles class. Should he come with me now? And does that mean Nancy's husband? And Beth's will too? Or  that Tina's  and Kim's college aged sons might join us? What if someones ex-husband shows up? Then what? The nicest think about the class is that it is all women, and that we are all very kind to one another as we work on the sometimes sensitive issue of our aging bodies-- you know, size and shape and suppleness. Not that men wouldn't be kind. They probably wouldn't even pay attention to our butts. You think?  But you know what I mean. When I told Chip about it he was firm. He said guys shouldn't be able to come. That they should have their own class, afterward, from 7-8, and find their own instructor. A separate, but equal, Morning Muscles for Men. Oh Lord. Really? I hate wrestling with such weighty moral and ethical dilemmas before breakfast.


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