Granny and the Queen

When Granny was at our house for a Lenten soup supper and conversation with the rest of the church folks, she sipped ginger ale and asked if I minded if she took her teeth out. They just don't fit well. Of course I said no and got her a napkin to keep them safe. Her elderly cattle dog Sissy stayed home, as Granny wasn't sure about my dogs' temperament. Sissy would have been fine, she is polite in church, only whining occasionally when the sopranos sing the descant. Granny and Sissy walk to worship services from the Deishu Native low income senior housing apartments. They walk everywhere, actually, which is why Granny wears the red and yellow baseball catcher's shin and knee guards and the big yellow batting helmet.  She bought them at the Salvation Army thrift store, and says that they are better protection against slips on the ice than boot cleats and ski poles. She figures she might as well don them regularly, as the day she doesn't will be the day she takes a tumble, and at her age she can't afford an injury and doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. She also tows a cart of gear that she and Sissy might need, from a fishing rod, net,and pail to a mosquito hat and birding binoculars.  All of which should make her easy to spot in the pictures of the crowds at the Queen's Jubilee celebrations in London. Granny left Sissy with friends here and headed there two weeks ago in order to arrive in time to see the Queen's barge float down the Thames. She asked our priest to email her friend Father Michael at Westminster Abbey to let him know she was on the way. (Apparently she's been there several times before.) She said she'll return in about six months,  and that she plans to minister to the London homeless whom she feels will be more shunned than ever what with all the Jubilee and Olympic hoopla this summer. She said she will sleep under bridges and tucked in alleyways with them. My sister-in-law may be riding in the equestrian events, and that means some of our family could be in London, too.  If they are, I'll tell them to be on the lookout for Granny. She should be easy to recognize and I'm sure would appreciate a cup of tea with friends of friends. It makes me wonder how many saints we ignore, or maybe even ridicule, because they have taken their teeth out or are wearing the wrong uniform, you know?  


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