Time For A Sleepover

Maya, who is about five, said to Sally, who is also about that age,"can we have a sleepover?"  Sally's mother Sara said "not tonight." Then precocious Maya, who is tiny with lots of dark curly hair, said that she preferred sleeping with her  mother, until her father came to bed, and then she had to move to her own room. Maya explained to Sally that she wasn't sure if she liked sleepovers yet anyway, but that they both would when they were teenagers and didn't like their parents anymore. Then they would have sleepovers all the time.
This is just one of the things you can learn during the second half of a high school girls basketball game that is a blow-out in the home team's favor. Fans turn to each other for entertainment (or in my case, the kids one bench below me.) I also learned from a highway resident who had driven about 40 miles to watch the game, that the Haines road is "moosey", but not as icy.  And, that while it has not been the best the winter for alpine sports, it has been a good winter for chickens. Their water hasn't frozen nearly as much as it has in winters past. But I already knew that.
When my daughter Sarah was a teenager she didn't like hanging around with me much. Now she says "thank you" every time I hold her new baby so that she can take a shower, or fold laundry, and I say thank you every time I do. Now, we are friends, only better, because of all those years of growing together. We haven't had a sleepover yet, but when her husband travels next week with the basketball team that he coaches, the same team we all (sort of) watched win tonight, we might.  


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