Going to Tok or Nearby and Want Some Company?

 How could I not put the two French girls, Amelie and Marion, up for a few nights when they had me sign a hard cover of If You Lived Here,  which they carried in a back pack all the way from the mid-west and came to Haines because of it? They have hitchhiked from Rio to here, and are on their way to Prudhoe Bay to see the Arctic coast.  Also, I thought of their poor mother and figured I could make her feel better by looking out for them-- they did say she was a little worried--especially about the hitching part. They have been on the road for almost 2 years and have only had two close calls with sketchy drivers and one really scary (to me anyway, they were, as the French say, "blase" about it) tussle with a mugger in Buenos Aires. He knocked them down and flashed a knife so they gave him a camera and cell phone. I think they bought a new camera, but they don't have any phones. They just took Pearl on a hike, and will be staying one more night for the Blue Highway bluegrass concert tonight at 7:30, and then are hoping for a ride in the morning to Tok. If anyone's going that way, call me. My friend Tom interviewed them for the paper already (there is also a big story in yesterday's Juneau Empire) and said if he was twenty years younger he'd drive them himself, just to be part of their grand adventure. "Amelie? Just like the movie!" He hollered, when he met them. 



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