Windy Wednesday

I was feeling pretty good about the messy draft of my new book until I went to the bookstore yesterday and saw that Anna Quindlen had already written the final draft. Actually, we are pretty different, but I am a huge fan. I'll buckle down again, as soon as I babysit Lani, go to my Hospice of Haines board meeting, and help Chip drop off the cones and barriers for the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay checkpoints from here to the summit today. The 150 mile race from the Yukon down to Haines is Saturday, and the weather is supposed to be the same-- cold, a little windy, and maybe even raining. I have the last two legs, 40 miles along the river from the border.  But, as my old gym teacher Mrs. Wade used to say, it's the same conditions for everyone.  The racers should start showing up at the finish line at two, with the bulk of the 1200 riders rolling in between 5-7.  Stay off the highway Saturday if you can, and note there will be a lot traffic Friday coming off the ferry. All the rooms in town are taken and there will be tenting allowed on the parade grounds. In other news, there is the fishermens barbecue Saturday night at the Fairgrounds, the Swing Set is playing the Pioneer, and Sunday morning from 7:30-11:30 Haines People for Peace host a bike race and Father's Day sourdough pancake breakfast with local fixings at the Senior Center. The French girls have made it to Tok. Chip felt funny about dropping them off on the highway. He has daughters, he said, and while he admired their spunk, he couldn't help worry. So many bad things can happen to young hitch hikers between here and Anchorage. He slipped them an envelope with cash, so they could get a motel room, or buy a bus ticket.  Just when we were musing about how we never go anywhere, Grandma Joanne (80), his mother, called and said she is on her way here from Virginia. She hopes to arrived early next week, stay for a month, and then says I will go to London with her to watch Chip's sister in the Olympics. Karen O'Connor made the short list for the US Olympic equestrian team on Monday, and we are hopeful she'll be on the competing team. We'll know July 2.  Yup. Wow. And about that book, well, the good news is that Grandma Joanne is a great cook. "Just go to the library," Chip said. "But don't sit anywhere where people can see you, go way in the back." Then he said "You won't need new clothes for London will you?" I assured him I wouldn't. What did Anna Quindlen just write about marriage? That is is sometimes made of a web of little white lies-- and you wouldn't believe how cheaply she can renovate a kitchen? Honestly,  he has been wearing the same shirts since college. 



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