Summer is Coming, Honest.

Yesterday one of my adult daughters said, "This year will be remembered for its divorces, people moving out of town,  30 feet of snow,  and no summer. I think they are all related." Okay, she was having a bad day. It is a little discouraging though. Last summer when we ate the first fresh salmon there was a big bowl of garden salad to go with it. My poor lettuces are starting to fill out, but the carrots remind me of a teenage boy's mustache. If you look very closely you can see their little green whiskered tops. The good news is that it is supposed to be 72 degrees on Thursday and I'm thinking of taking the flannel sheets off our bed to celebrate the solstice. There's that, and the king salmon are plentiful and I have fine friends who love catching them but aren't as wild about eating them for lunch and dinner everyday,  which is  fine with us. Now I have to get to work, as I have half a book to finish  by July 1. Wish me luck. In the meantime here's a picture from last June, back when there was sun, and it was warm, and my daughter's friends were still married and before everyone put their houses up for sale. You know,  a few balmy days could turn everything around. Never underestimate the power of a sunny summer day in Alaska. Here's hoping the weatherman is right.  



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