It Really is Kind of Funny

This morning I am laughing about the review I posted in despair last night. Proof of what a good night's sleep can do for a person (and a gazillion emails saying I how great I am. Thank you.) One of you took some time to search around for our man Sparse's positive Amazon reviews and found two, for XL white compression socks which his wife shrunk in the wash, and an 82" LCD screen which he said is a bit pricey at "67k". He also let loose a tirade against Amazon reviewers who don't seem to have an expertise on their subject matter. The screen in question is for signs, apparently, not  a TV, and some reviewers were confused. I won't repeat the mean terms for mentally disabled people which he uses. And honestly, the less time spent here, the better, as this is not real life, it is the Amazon store, which exists only on the Internet. The same may be true of Mr. Sparse. I'm heading over to a real bookstore to sign some books and enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of a muggy June morning. My weather is improving inside and out. The forecast calls for highs in the 70s tomorrow through Saturday when it will even be sunny, they say. The only downside is that the weather service has issued a hydrology forecast warning of heavy glacial and snow melt (remember that 30 feet? It's still up there.) They warn that area rivers and streams my crest and flood rapidly without warning, so be careful. Also, Friday evening Ned is burning the Good Partner on the beach by his place.  The pretty old fishing boat which has been parked there for at least 28 years, I think, is apparently splitting up and needs to go. Rather than be sorry, he's having a party to send her off. There's a lot to celebrate this week. Summer for starters, and I'm still on a little high after finishing 3rd over all on my leg of the bike race and the first woman. I had a great ride in the windy wet thanks in part to my warm compression socks. They are not the style old Sparse prefers. Mine are black Smartwool knee highs which I bought at my friend Dawn's shoe store, Shoefly, in Juneau.There's that, and the first commercial salmon gillnet opening has come and gone, and the fisherman in our house is home smiling, and the neighborhood children are sharing their driftwood forts down on the beach with young eagles, who perch on them to dry off after fishing in the river. Like the t-shirt says, life is good.



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