That Was Fun. Sort of.

The bike race was hard and long, thanks to wicked headwinds. 30 knots or more, with gusts high enough to blow an outhouse over. (No, I wasn't in it. No one was-- thank goodness.) The Canadian highway forecast for Haines Junction to Pleasant Camp the morning of the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay called for south winds 50km with gusts to 70km and rain showers.

Some Thoughts on That Viral Obit

Yesterday morning at about 5:30 I talked to NPR's Here & Now about an obituary making headlines. You would have laughed to see me with the cell phone in one hand, the landline in the other, wearing pajamas, sitting on the bed in the kids' playroom (More soft surfaces for better sound quality, plus it's furthest away from my husband's morning exercises and the beach with its potential for barking dogs.)

 Here's the brief interview. 

Monday's Thought

"We all mess up. We all see through blinders. We all say hurtful things. We all nurture prejudices we don’t recognize in ourselves. Even a full-throated apology won’t erase a colossal mistake. We will never make ourselves perfect.

June! Finally.

All the windows are open and I'm thinking about turning on the fan and putting on a sweater. The screens are in now to keep the mosquitoes out, but I can't paint the porch floor yet because the firewood is still stacked on it and we are still burning the stove most mornings. So why are the windows all open?

One rite of spring that isn't weather dependent is the pumping of the septic tank.

A Nice Break

I fibbed a little when I said I was off on a writing retreat. I really went out to Unalaska (Dutch Harbor) to surprise my daughter, who is the elementary school principal there. (I couldn't say so because she might have read it.) The Aleutians are a long way from here. Also, cell service is not so great, and I didn't buy internet time (that's the way out there, apparently.) I listened to an hour or so of the local, state, and national news on the radio in the morning and called it good.

It Didn't Smell Bad

Sewer systems, like septic tanks, are never fully appreciated until they fail. When was the last time you thanked a sewer plant manager? Which may be why the Haines plant operators, Dennis and Scott, seemed so happy to see us and answer our questions. The tour was for all of the borough assembly, but only Tom, myself, and the mayor took advantage of the opportunity, and  I know that Tom and I sometimes drive the mayor and Brad ( who is the facilities manager and hosted the tour), crazy with our questions and concerns, so it was an opportunity to bond. I had a good time.



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