Artful Thinking

I should apologize, I am so wiggy that I have not been able to stop by here this week. It's spring affected disorder and there are too many stories in my head at once to make sense of anything. The bear mauling that made national news took up a few days of chasing down what happened, and we still don't really know, which is odd. (The University of Alaska Southeast Prof. is recovering in an Anchorage hospital and word is he will be okay.) The worry is that there may be a rogue sow and cub in the area, but I trust that if that were the case, we would know.

Sunday's Thought

"Most of us walk a winding path. Such is God's world; such is God's truth. Accept this. There is no need to resign ourselves to despair. Relish this rich life! Find the grace and beauty around every crooked corner."-- Jonathan Erdman



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