Blame it on the moon

 Morning Muscles was a little sparse this morning thanks to last night's lunar eclipse. The temperature may have something to do with it too, it's really cold and the wind won't quit. Then there's the stress of the season. The food, the gifts, the family and friends. I suppose it is a woman thing to want everything to be perfect, and then to not be exactly sure what perfect means. I was feeling pretty virtuous, making it to exercise class, but when Marnie changed the routine and had us try some things we haven't done,  especially the crab walking, I felt like a total klutz.

A Quick Note

 I have a quiet moment, everyone is still asleep (it is dark at 8:15, so who blames them?) The ice is sort of good on Chilkoot Lake. Two seasoned skaters fell through Thursday night, but lived to post a sign warning of open water, and to skate the next three days. The cold has hardened the ice, but if you go, follow other skaters' tracks, and be careful. There is a total lunar eclipse tonight at about 9:30, and tomorrow is the solstice.

Gold Rush Alaska, Episode III

It was more like a Christmas party than a gathering of TV critics, being Friday night and December 18-- and since the college kids are home and the tree is up. Sarah and the baby were there too, and we took turns holding her. Chip and the guys kept shushing us so they could hear the show. Since everyone brought their dogs, that meant six of them were trying to get a bite of our deer burgers, salads, and Kim's amazing layered jello cubes.

Sunday's Thought

 From Anne Sexton's poem, Welcome Morning:

So while I think of it,

let me paint a thank-you on my palm

for this God, this laughter of the morning,

lest it go unspoken.

The Joy that isn't shared, I've heard,

dies young.


Breakfast Chatter

We are making breakfast and planning cookies for later. (Baby Caroline and Sarah slept over, as Brian is in Petersburg with the basketball team.)

JJ says, "Butter eggs, sugar, we have chocolate, we need some more peanut butter. Oh, and jam, what else do we need for jam thumbprints?"

Sarah says, "Cream of tartar and almond extract."

JJ says, "What's cream of tartar?"

I say, "We have about sixteen tins. I buy one every time we do this."

JJ says, "How are the pancakes?"

Stoli asks, "Anyone else want an egg?"

Date and Time Detail

Please notice that my neighbor James, who designed these pages with me, has now added the time and date for every blog entry. How nice is that, especially for those of us who keep forgetting what time it is, and what day it is. Also, you may be pleased to know that he will be giving me a lesson on posting photos this afternoon, so you should "see" more of Haines here, soon. In the meantime I'm staying close to the fire. There are storm warnings on the water for heavy freezing spray and 50 knot winds. The house is shaking a bit in all this blowing snow.

P.S. on Lambs

 Dec. 15, 2010 (Again)-- I am tech challenged and apologize for the too big photo, but I figured better a little funky than not at all. Thanks to my daughters I have managed to post photos on facebook, and have learned to get them from there to here, but not how to move them from my camera or computer photo album directly to here. Make sense? No? It doesn't to me either. But I'll keep trying. Tomorrow. Now, I have a column for Woman's Day to write, and that darn MFA thesis, and oh yeah,-- it's is almost Christmas and Chip is hollering that the oatmeal is ready.

Missing Lambs

Dec.15, 2010- Two lambs are missing from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church nativity scene. At the Hospice of Haines holiday open house yesterday volunteer Dick Flegel said he hopes they'll come back in time for Christmas. Dick is largely responsible for the newly renovated creche, and he said he hopes that the lambs are safe in a shed or garage, but worries that perhaps they blew away and landed in a snow bank. Being white and lumpy they'd be hard to spot. He prays they haven't been kidnapped.



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