Walking With Bears

The bear tracks were coming down the mountain and we were going up. They were frozen and had been left in the slush, my husband and I reckoned, two days before our hike. The way the light snow had fallen that day, and the timing of their walk, had preserved the round front pads and longer upside down pear-shaped rear paws, perfectly. When they stepped just right I could count each claw. They were longer than my mittens and wider than my boots. “It’s a good-sized brown bear,” my husband the bear hunter said.

Morning Muscles Snow Day

 You know you have real friends when they are comfortable enough to call you at  5:15am to tell you Morning Muscles has been canceled because of the blizzard. I was in bed listening to the wind and the radio and pretty sure my car wasn't going anywhere. Chip was whistling around on his second cup of coffee. He had already pushed the dogs out the door, filled the woodstove, and scanned the world news across the channels and announced nothing really new was happening. I hollered down to ask if we were going across the driveway to work-out inside above the garage.

Sunday's Thought

Spiritual attitudes are always self-fulfilling. Suspect the world and you will find abundant reasons to suspect. Greet the world with open arms and an open heart and you will never cease to find reasons to rejoice. - Bishop Edmond Lee Browning from his book of meditations on the Book of Common of Prayer,  A Year of Days.

Wrapping Meat

There are two more deer to butcher, we did four yesterday.  I wrapped each trimmed roast, or bag of stew meat in clean white paper and labeled them- "Best Hind Roast" or "Three Small Tenderloins" or " Big Stew", "Small Stew" "Pot Roast" and "Summer Party Back Strap Steaks."  Chip said I could go a little faster. I didn't need to write a novel on each package. I like to know what is in them. The details they make a difference in how I cook it. Last year he didn't label the moose sausage and hamburger.  He just wrote ground meat on them all.

Turkey Trotting

Maybe the  Turkey Trot should be the day after the big meal. I'm a little full this morning from the deer steaks, turkey, corn bread stuffing, green been casserole, cream curried onions, rutabagas, carrots, mashed potatoes, beet and asparagus vinagrette,  rolls, cranberry sauce, gravy...have I missed anything? Oh, olives and smoked salmon before dinner. And pies, pumpkin and apple, and I did have plenty of whipping cream thanks to shopping ahead. Like I said, it was nice to run in the slush before Thanksgiving dinner, but I need to climb a mountain today.

Pies and Deer

 Happy Thanksgiving! A photo thanks to my darling daughters home from college and an email to my neighbor James in South Africa (crazy but true. )Maybe there will be more, if I can figure out how the camera and computer work. Stoli made the crusts, JJ  filled them up (apple) and Chip shot the deer (that's backstrap.) Me? I just made  a heck of a mess stuffing the turkey.



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