A Chilkoot Trail

 I can't cut up meat and wrap it while I'm still on my first cup of coffee, but Chip can. He has been up for a few hours, and the kitchen looks like a butcher shop and smells like clean blood. The dogs are watching him nervously from the hall. They always seem to be equally curious and skittish when it comes to hunting smells. While I was in Juneau, Chip went goat hunting, even though I said it wasn't a good idea to go alone. Mountain goats live in treacherous terrain.

Postcard Perfect Toilets

There was frost on the car when I headed out to Morning Muscles at six and a nearly full moon. The Chilkat Center was packed with fit ladies. The talk afterwards was about the new toilets going in just down the hill at Portage Cove for cruise ship passengers. Apparently the tourist latrine will be twenty-feet tall, effectively blocking the view that Haines is famous for both ways and taking front and center in future postcards. As one of the ladies said in the parking lot after class, "I think the Planning Commission needs a woman," then surely she could have pointed this out. 

Women are Better

You know how when wives, say, accidentally leave a coffee cup on the hood of the car at Mountain Market and drive off as it bounces in the mud, oblivious, and how husbands tend to make a lot of jokes about that? As if forgetting is something men never do?  So what is a seasoned bear hunting guide to do when he loses a valuable rifle, perhaps that same way? He mumbles and curses and drives up and down the road looking for it. Then he assumes it is gone forever, that some lucky guy picked it up and kept it, no doubt thinking it dropped from heaven.

Fall and Flamenco

It's not just the snow on the mountains that signal winter is coming. You can tell the weather is closing in and fall is in the air when 20 women show up for Morning Muscles at 6 am on a Tuesday morning to have Marnie put us through our paces with weights and sit ups and jumping jacks, before coffee even. Also, it was dark when we began and dark when we left.

Alaska Day Means We Are American, Not Russian.

Until October 18, 1867 when Alaskans looked out any window they all saw Russia. Maybe that's what confused the Crazy Man Running for Senate and his thugs who handcuffed my friend Tony yesterday for asking him a question. Anyway, today we celebrate where our connection to the nation all began, the official transfer of the Alaska territory from the Russians to the U.S.A.

Home Making

All we have been doing for four days is eating. JJ and Stoli made it in Thursday. They had tried to fly down from Anchorage to Juneau Tuesday night, to catch Wednesday's ferry, but high winds and rain kept the airport closed and even the jet couldn't land. Eliza and her boyfriend also had to fly up from Juneau, since there was no ferry this weekend. They waited much of Saturday morning for the fog to lift, and finally did get in about 1:30.

War is Something to Pray About

 JJ is up talking to her dad, and I hear him making a fire now, and since I don’t want to miss anything, she and Stoli and Eliza all leave on the afternoon ferry, I’ll be quick about sharing something I think is worth thinking about, and since it is Sunday, praying about. Dianne Nelson, the one who won the Friends of the Library raffle, twice, told me that in addition to the gift certificate from our store, Lutak Lumber, she won the case of canned salmon from Haines Packing Co.

Good Baby Knight is Here

Kendra and Alex didn't name him Goode Knight-- he's Evan Alexander Knight, and was born Oct. 15 at 7:23 in Bartlett Hospital with Dr. "call me Dorothy" Hernandez attending-- she's the same physician who delivered my granddaughter Caroline nine months ago. Kendra was at that birth too, and let's just say she was inspired. (You do the math, it's not that hard.) It will be easy to remember how far apart in age Evan and Caroline are, and lucky us that they will be growing up together in Haines.  Dr.

JJ's Birthday

My poor husband was up for hours before anyone rousted themselves out of bed. "We college girls need some sleep," JJ announced as she came down in her PJs. It was not that late-- about 8, but Chip had been up since 5, waiting for them. (Stoli is still sleeping, but at least she has two dogs on her bed, so she's doing us all a big favor.) Also, as soon as JJ got downstairs the local radio went off and an Austin Powers DVD went in. "College girls need some laughs." JJ said as she dropped onto the couch, adding that she never appreciated a soft sofa until dorm life.



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