The Team Won Again!

 The Haines Glacier Bears won again tonight. The boys beat the Barrow Whalers 57-45. Kyle Fossman was the player of the game with 31 points. Kyle Rush had 13  and Tyler Swinton 9. (I also have a soft spot for Jesse Piper who may not be a high scorer but who played great defense.) The boys play the Nome Nanooks- a great team-- tomorrow at 5:15 for the the state championship. Holy Mackerel. Or I should say Holy Hooligan?Tomorrow's game will be broadcast on KHNS and on statewide TV.

Reasons Not to Wear an iPod Running

Spring is the time of year I start thinking more about weird accidents. No doubt since I was run over by a truck on an otherwise lovely April morning on a quiet street in town. When my sister told me about a man killed in Central Park when a tree limb fell on him during a recent snowstorm, I told her I always look up when I'm snow shoeing. Not just for branches, but for the heavy clumps of snow dropping from them that we call treevalanches. Also, I never, ever, run with an iPod.

An Alaskan Stone Age Family

 The other night I made moose stew. The rule at our house is that the cook doesn't do the dishes. This means my husband is the dishwasher, mostly. After the meal we all were full and sleepy, and I moved to the couch with a book. "Where are you going?" He said. "I cooked dinner," I  told him. (He knows what that means.) He thought a minute and said, "But I killed it." I swear we are getting more like Fred and Wilma everyday.

Haines Wins First Game At State!

The Haines Glacier Bear boys beat the Galena Hawks in overtime 71-66. Kyle Fossman had 30 points, and his dad, coach Steve Fossman kept the team's heads and hearts in a really close game where I don't think they had a lead until the 4th quarter. Doug Olerud did a great job calling it for KHNS. Chip and I had the radio turned up during dinner. We didn't speak it was that close. We were afraid we might miss something.  At the Chamber of Commerce planning session this evening the group's leadership made sure we were done in time for "the game." No one had to ask which game?

New Column is Up

The new column is up at the Alaska Dispatch, and I kind of like this one. Sometimes I don't, but I have to come up with something each week, and while I know I should plan ahead, I don't always.  Also, it is snowing and raining again. My friend Tom says we should put the lights back up and have a Christmas dinner next Sunday. That way, he reckons, when spring really does come it will seem early, rather than late.

Mooseburgers, IPA, & Snow

It's a good thing the neighbors aren't too close or they would have heard us hollering last night. Then again the snowstorm probably would have muffled anything. Two weeks ago it was spring, today there's about two feet of heavy wet snow and it seems, it has been snowing for days. (It has, at least a week anyway.) Big Jack just came by with the loader and plowed us out. (His son Little Jack is no doubt busy as well. His son is named Tiny Jack, and he really is just a little toddler. The other Jacks are regular sized.) Where was I? Oh, the hollering.

Alex the Shovel

 My Jeopardy partner  (and certified local Jeopardy bragging rights holder) Alex the Shovel has lost his thumb in an accident with a saw. He's on his way home from the Juneau hospital, but I'm sure cards would be welcome. Send them to Alex Juren P.O. Box 868 Haines AK. 99827.  We should bring him some food, too. I'll get back to you on that. 

Sending the Team Off

 We ate spaghetti and salad and the bid on all kinds of things-- from Inez's pecan pie (31.00) to 25lbs. of fresh filleted halibut donated by fisherman Stuart DeWitt (215.00)-- and raised 8600.00 in few hours to send the boys team to Anchorage for the state championship. (They needed 8,400.00) Their first game is Monday, and Doug will be announcing it on KHNS. Luckily they all got out in this snow storm on the ferry this afternoon, and will fly up from Juneau. The Alaska Airlines tickets are the big expense, about 500.00 each.

Basketball Dinner Tonight

 Morning Muscles was crowded today-- and it was already light on the way there at 5:50am, which is heartening. Although that will change with the Spring Ahead time change Sunday. I have no idea why Alaska participates in that. It is a bummer in the fall when we roll the clock back an hour and it gets so very dark in the afternoon, and it is even worse in the spring when the mornings are finally lighter. Can't we skip it this year? (I do skip it at my cabin. The clock there is always on summer time.)



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