Jalapenos on Pizza

It is not  a good idea to have jalapenos on pizza. We tried that last night and no one felt very good afterwards.  The baby, it seems, is the only one that didn't have indigestion. She's quite comfortable inside my daughter. The good news is that I have another daughter coming to Juneau on the ferry this evening to assist with the birth, and she is an EMT.

The Woman Who Was Pregnant Forever

Sarah says she will be the first woman who is pregnant forever, and that we all should get used it. So today, instead of talking a gentle walk in the snow and sipping raspberry leaf tea, we have decided to spend the day snowboarding at Eaglecrest.  Sarah says she can get down the hill just fine. I have never snowboarded, but she assures me it is easy. Luckily I brought a helmet. 

How to Have A Baby (No, We Haven't Had Her Yet)

 So far, here is the advice my daughter has received about how to have that baby: drink raspberry leaf tea and have sex, gently. (No comment, I'm trying to be a very good mother-in-law.) Long walks, sitting and doing nothing, driving on a bumpy road, climbing stairs, and snow machining. Do jumping jacks, eat spicy food, go to the movies, make plans, eat a big breakfast and then go for a long walk. Eat nothing, drink water, and lie on the couch and watch TV. Run up and down stairs. Stand on your head. Someone said throwing up is a positive sign.

Walking in the Rain

 Sarah and I walked the dog in the rain this afternoon out on the tidal flats by the Juneau airport. She is not moving like someone about to give birth. We went to Costco afterwards and no one looked at her and said, "whoa, don't have that baby here." We did see four friends from Haines in the half hour we were there, but we were mostly buying chicken for Kendra's birthday dinner. (It is in the oven now.) Then it's off to a movie. I really want to see "It's Complicated", so we figure that should make her water break.

How to Write a Book

 Hertz called this morning as I was running around finishing an obituary and packing for Juneau. I have to be at the ferry at 11am, and then will join Sarah and Brian to wait for the baby. She is due today.(!) So, as I am rushing around Hertz called. I said "what can I do for you?" And he said " Nothing much. Just tell me how to write a book." I was in a hurry, as I said, so I asked if it was fiction or non-fiction. He said it was about his life. Hertz has seen a UFO, and died and come back to life, more than once I think. (He is an electrician and was a logger.

Hungry in Haines

While you are beginning the week with resolutions to eat less and exercise more, 35 families in the Chilkat Valley are hungry enough to ask for help meeting their needs. 35 families  depend on the local food bank for meals. According to Georgia Giacobbe, a local food bank supporter, last month the federal food program supplied ten cases of canned yams to our area. That's it. The rest came from donations from local grocery stores and people like you. She says variety is needed, and healthy things (that also keep well) like dried beans and fruit, oatmeal and rice, canned milk and soups.

Ice Report

There is hard, green, smooth ice on Chilkoot Lake. The only trouble is that it is way out, farther than you think, which is a challenge with children. There's a good mile, or maybe more, of bumpy white ice, it is skate-able, but makes your teeth chatter. Yesterday, on our way back, we visited Scott and Julie who had stopped with their little ones for a picnic before continuing toward the good ice. They had a sled, cocoa, snacks, a tarp, and even a bicycle for their second grader to ride.

Fire and Ice

 The Polar Bear swim went off without a hitch. Leo the Logger did not wear his union suit into the surf this year like he did last year, he had on a red Speedo. And Michelle Stigen has now won the toughest woman award. She had two sets of twins, bar tends at the Elks, and now has braved the minus 20 windchills to jump into the frigid waves on New Year's Day. Tom's  fire kept everyone from turning into pillars of ice, and Dr. Feldman kept it stoked while Fireman Al idled the ambulance up on the road.

The Polar Bear Swim & Kitchen Table 2009 Highlights

 Tom was here last night and he says he has about 15 wooden pallets to burn down on the beach to keep the annual Polar Bear swimmers warm. Which is a good thing since it is about 15 degrees and the north wind is shaking the house. The tide is coming in so at least they won't have to run far. As for me, I'll watch. I think the water off the Port Chilkoot dock is too cold in June. It starts at 11:00 and is over about 11:05.



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