Not All News is Good News

 I'm not really in the real news business. But my friend Tom, the editor of the Chilkat Valley News did make me think yesterday, when he noted that my work this week for the paper  is not the kind of news I usually write about.  We were upstairs above Main Street in the newspaper office, talking about this week's paper. I am writing an obituary of a nineteen year old Native single mother with a year old baby. She died in Juneau on Sunday morning, no one is sure what of. Her body has been sent to Anchorage for an autopsy. 
She grew up here, and when she was nine was in the after school gymnastics program with my daughters -- also both 19.  In my bathroom we have a family photo gallery and she is in it. I see her everyday on the balance beam next to my daughter who was in her class at school. There she is,  in the row of eager to please, concentrating, leotard clad little girls. It is a darling photo. Looking at it you would never guess  which of those girls would be in college in ten years, and which would be dead. Looking at it again this morning made me think  that maybe it is time to sign up as a "Big" with Big Brothers Big Sisters. 


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