I hope it’s okay to take a moment here for some business. My new book is coming out June 30th (which is also my birthday so we must have cupcakes, don’t you think?) But that means it may be in stores sooner than that, say by mid-June. ( It’s not like Harry Potter or anything, with people lining up at midnight on the publication date.) There will be some really cool virtual events from Haines and elsewhere that anyone may attend, and I will let you know when and how with a blog “head’s up” note like this and on Facebook, Instagram and the Of Bears and Ballots page on my website.

But right now, what I want you to know, is that if you’d like a personalized copy they will be available through The Bookstore in Haines, and you may even pre-order yours by emailing bookseller Amy Kane at hainesbookstore@gmail.com 

This would be very helpful in these strange times, especially because Amy bought the Haines Main Street store (formerly The Babbling Book store, now simply The Bookstore) this winter, and had her grand opening a few weeks before the Corona virus shut it down. I really want to help her keep a bookstore in Haines, and make its re-opening a success. You may already know this, but bookstores buy books and then sell them in the same way my husband purchases 2x4s at Lutak Lumber. So, if you are able, please purchase a couple of books (not only mine but whatever strikes your fancy or for a gift) to lift the spirits, and help pay the bills at your local book store (and mine.)

Thank you!

P.S.  I think I need a party dress like Ivy’s, don’t you?