This is my backyard today and Alaska has plenty of room to wander safely.

Also, little Emilia has a resting face that smiles.

Pearl is very happy to practice social distancing.

Trixie, not so much.

UV rays are supposed to kill germs, so I washed the sofa slipcover and the pillows are taking a sun bath.

Last night Chip and I had a little argument, no doubt sparked by evening news induced anxiety, small business owner stress, and, well, you know, all of it. (The governor of Alaska announced a mandatory 14 day quarantine for everyone coming into the state with a 25,000 dollar fine for violating it. Juneau now has what Alaskans are calling a “hunker down” rule, which sounds cozier than shelter in place. ¬†Haines should pass a similar resolution tonight.) Normally, I love the weeks at hunting camp, or the cabin, far from everyone and with no phone service. Now, all I want to do is call and text people I love, and I really miss going out for coffee with the ladies (even though I never did that much before, as I was too busy working at home.) And don’t you wish you’d hugged and kissed every nurse and grocery clerk you know when we still could?

I bought this print in Juneau a few weeks and a world ago, and hung it in the upstairs bathroom yesterday. As soon as I saw it this morning I wasn’t mad at Chip anymore. And when you see it, I hope it reminds you of all the people you love, and of all the people that love you, too.