Oprah and Us

I Think I will I need to breathe some, before I comment on Oprah and the W.I.W.N.N. I will say that we had a nice turn out for the show, although the dogs seemed to be in charge, and at one point there may have even been more dogs than people. That's when I put two of mine in the car in the driveway.
It also made me think of what my friend Nancy said when I invited her to watch the Oprah Alaska show, she said she would only watch Oprah if there was something really interesting about dogs on.
Before she went home, my friend JoAnn noted that about halfway through the Oprah interview, she was paying more attention to the blood hound licking the snow off of her paws in front of the fire than the T.V., and being a retired English teacher realized right away the metaphor in the making: "The Woman You Will Not Name was also licking her proverbial self on national T.V."
What was the reaction of a roomful of small-town Alaskans to the  W.I.W.N.N.  on the Oprah show?
"I have spent my life saying Alaska is not all igloos, now we have (the W.I.W.N.N.) Like it or not, she is Alaska for the world." Well, it could be worse, the  world could be endingbut I digress.
"Come on Oprah, ask her what she reads, ask her what newspapers, magazines, books-- anything-- she reads," we yelled at the T.V., "Does she read?" But Oprah didn't ask.
That's when  we all wished that our own host of the local radio show, Talk Around Town, Debra Schnabel was sitting in Oprah's chair. Debra, who has played on my softball team, the Diehards, for about twenty years, would never have pitched such softballs to the W.I.W.N.N. 
 The  snacks were good. We did drink Mt. Market coffee and Mt. Spirits' wine and ate cheeses and chips from there as well, and the grapes from Howser's were very good, too.  That's my Save the Sales plug, for now.  I'd do more, but the W.I.W.N.N. says she doesn't like shopping. 
My neighbor Betty just called, she said she couldn't be here to watch the show because the furnace man was over, finishing the installation of her new boiler. She did tell me that there is a winter storm warning for ten inches of snow by morning. So we talked about the weather, and what we are doing tomorrow, and forgot about T.V. and the rich and famous, and I was grateful. A snow storm sort of puts everything in perspective. 
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