Peace, Love and Yoga

If you are heading out for a walk on the beach bundle up. There's a brisk north wind and it's in the twenties-- but oh, the sunshine and the snowy mountains make this time of year so beautiful! My neighbor has been cleaning out her greenhouse, and I've washed a few windows. Also, it's that time of year when a fire feels great at breakfast, but by two all the windows are open.  Everyone, it seems is out and about. There were 25 women at choir practice last night. All those voices made us sound so good. It has been that kind of winter that when we sang Dona Nobis Pacem (grant us peace) and God be in my Head -- and in my speaking, looking, and at my departing- a John Rutter tune of an old Sarum Primer hymn, some of us were crying. It will be hard to sing it at the blessing of the fleet next Sunday ( April 14, 3pm at the harbor) especially this year when we lost two really nice fishermen. I told my friend Beth I didn't want to go, I couldn't stand it. She agreed, but said we must, our music will help. Music does, you know? In our daily yoga classes which are part of the two week spring cleanse, Melina sings old yoga songs-- they must be Indian? I don't know. We sing  back the words we don't understand intellectually, but like the tunes in choir, feel in our souls. She tells us what they mean- it us usually something about the good universe, or peace, or love. (We even breathe deep loud Oms. I love feeling so yogi-ie. ) Marnie, the other leader, always reminds us  to be good to each other and ourselves. You can't hear that enough, can you? Speaking of which, the SEARCH health fair is Saturday at the school from 8-12. If you are getting a blood test (there are all kinds) it's water only for 12 hours prior. KHNS is having a garage sale 9-2 tomorrow at the Chilkat Center, and the book club meets at the library at 3 to discuss Things Fall Apart. If the health fair and thinking about the blessing of the fleet makes you ponder mortality more than usual, the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation is sponsoring a free estate planning workshop with expert Cynthia Gibson 2-3 Sunday afternoon at the library. Finally, there will be a lot of Presbyterians in town for annual Presbytery meeting, so be sure to say hello if you see one. Now it's time to put my wind pants on and take Pearl for a walk.


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