A Postcard from the Equestrian Olympic Venue

I figured you might like these pictures of our day yesterday, from walking through Greenwich Park to the stadium to Karen jumping, the quick re-arranging of the grounds before the awards, the medal presentations and the international teams' party afterward for the British silver medalists at the hospitality room in the Royal Maritime Museum. (In one photo I did catch the back of the Princess Anne, can you find her?) In the stadium the royal family members sat a few rows down from me on the same side of the stands. We knew they arrived as soon as all the photographers turned their lenses away from the horses and up at the crowd. I remain amazed that the Brits have no (or very minimum it seems in the Royal's case for security purposes) special treatment for VIPs-- not one "fast" line," no covered sections for people who pay more not to get rained on. No separate port-a-loos. Gill said, "snobbery is definitely on the way out in the UK, it's you Yanks that promote it now."  The house is getting quieter and roomier. We hauled Suzanne's duffel bag up to a cab on the corner last night, Gill took off on the first train this morning to get ready for her son's wedding this weekend, and Nancy leaves for Heathrow in an hour. The United Airlines purser, which is like a head flight attendant, is on her way to Sydney and then will back in London to watch the paraolympic games.


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