Putting the Chickens to Bed

There may be only 11 days until the shortest the day of the year, but the bears are still moving. I know they are up the Chilkat River feeding on dying salmon in the open leads because hunting guides are still pursuing them. But I have also heard of one on Mud Bay Road, about three miles south of my house, that broke into a hen house and had eight chickens for a midwinter night's snack. The owners had assumed that the bears were asleep.
That's why my husband has just gone out to  put our four hens securely to bed. He will make sure the coop door is shut, and most importantly, the electric fence around it is turned on. He is singing White Christmas, and is very happy that in a few days we will have a noisy house full of family for the holidays. All is calm, and at the moment, a little foggy.
I was shopping at Olerud's new outdoor store today, and bought myself  a pair of insulated Xtratufs with wool felt liners to wear when walking the dogs on the beach. It seems that it is going to be an Xtratuf winter. I also heard a funny story about the Olerud's Main Street  neighbor, Dennis, spotting a big brown bear in the window, and doing a double take.  He was relieved to  learn that the bear is stuffed. Let's  just say I am very glad that it is in the store too, and not in my living room, or chicken coop. If you want to see a bear close up, you can visit him there anytime. 


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