Rainy Tuesday Evening Postcard

April showers will bring April leaves-- the next time the sun comes out, which may be Friday. In the meantime it's been a little wet and windy and kind of chilly-- 45 and rain is colder than you'd think. The beach is not so much fun when you are walking into rainy gales, and when you've been writing all day--  as I was yesterday-- by three I needed a stretch and so did Pearl and her friend Lucy, and my friend who spends her days doing good but wishes to remain anonymous ( I will call her St. Beth) did too-- A walk in the woods with dogs and a friend can save a whole day, sometimes. 

So we chose the new gravel and protected woods of the Battery Point Trail on the town side of the peninsula. There were plenty of signs of spring from blueberry bushes flowering with those fragile little globes, to bright green moss, skunk cabbage, and fluttering gulls and seals down at the beach. Another sure sign of spring is the Fireweed's OPEN sign (and really great new renovation, keeping the old style with even more room ) and since it was on the way home, might as well  sip one little cocktail at the Distillery before heading back to a warm fire.

Today I have to make a moose meat loaf for 12 for the Arts Council's pre-concert potluck with the musicians  for tonight's concert-- The Easy Leaves, a country duo who have opened for Asleep At the Wheel-- among others-- plays at 7 in the Chilkat Center, and get organized and write something wise and witty for a talk I'm giving in Homer this weekend-- wish me luck.(I have a feeling it could require another long walk before the day is out.) 


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