As Ready as I'll Ever Be

Is anyone ever really ready for Christmas?( I mean this in big and little picture ways. ) I woke at five saying, "I have to bake four coffee cakes!" Then I counted heads for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and decided to wash the napkins. I didn't have enough eggs. I also do not have a gift for my husband, who says he has everything he needs and means it, which is why I love him. "Socks", I say to the dog who looks worried, as if I have decided to get us a Christmas kitten. (I'm allergic and so is at least one grandchild so that is not happening.) I don't know much about God, except that he is love. But he did come to earth as a baby, and that makes faith so much easier. Who doesn't want to hold a newborn? Who doesn't see the miracle in a god who needs us to change his diaper? I can do that. And I can bake four coffee cakes today. Now all I have to do is find the recipe, and breathe, and be grateful.


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