Repeat the Sounding Joy

I was so grumpy this morning that I had to say to myself "find the good" when I rolled out of bed at 5:15, which is kind of funny. I was at rehearsal last night from about 6-9 at the Chilkat Center for the Holly Jolly Follies (Saturday at 7pm. It will be a great show) and sort of missed dinner.

 I have this paper calendar for the next two weeks that I've made notes on and it's full every day-- but I'm also really close to finishing another final, final draft of my novel. (My goal was this Friday.) Alas, there is an obituary, and a column due, and a lot of last minute rehearsing. l have said yes to too many acts. Today I have a grandchild all afternoon-- and I wouldn't miss that for the world. I love picking her up at preschool. She runs and hugs me.(She's coming to the band practice with me for Mary's Baby Boy and Silver Bells and Jingle Bells.)

Anyway, at Morning Muscles I was so happy to see Marnie, our fearless leader because I knew she'd make me smile and put it all in perspective. So did Jono's dogs. He is the narrator of a skit I'm in, and also cleans the theater, so he was just finishing up when we arrived at 6 am. His cheerful fat Labs were there, and so very happy to see us all and running and wagging like crazy-- and Jono said, "Stop that wagging-- no more happiness. That's enough joy... cut it out you two", and laughed and laughed, and I thought about how Chip looked at Pearl the other day and said, "I think people should have tails, then you'd know right away when someone was happy to see you." Anyway, if I had a tail it would have wagged as Marnie turned on  Christmas music and  we jumped and push-uped in the dark Chilkat Center Lobby underneath the decorations for the Follies. Then in one song a sad country star sang about not having any friends. Afterward, Debra and I talked about that out in the snowy parking lot (it's so lovely and bright with the fresh snow!) and she said she was glad I came last night for choir practice-- she is directing the chorus in Let There Be Peace on Earth/Silent Night. She's really too busy to do it also-- as she's on nearly full time care duty with her elderly mother, when she's not working. We laughed at our troubles-- too many friends, too much family, too much community! Aren't we lucky?

(There's a dance Friday at the Fair too-- "More Formal then Normal" -- and cookies by the pound on Saturday 10-2 at the Senior Center, and a last minute bazaar at the ANB Hall, and remember to vote for the best gingerbread house on display at Joanie's gallery and the Arts on Main Street office.) 



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