School Sale Update

I have had several notes from out of towners concerning the last letter about the Mosquito Lake School and what will happen to it.  After listening to everyone talk about how important it was, as both a school and  a community center, the manager withdrew his request to be able to sell it, and said he wouldn't revisit it for at least six months. (Applause all around. Democracy in action and all that.) 

In the meantime, batten down the hatches and make sure the ditches and culverts are clear. It is raining buckets of nickels and a flood advisory is in effect for the night-- at least.

(I'm grateful for the break in the weather this morning and an almost dry walk on the beach. It is still so odd and discomforting, this November rain storm weather in January has everyone a bit on edge, and no amount of vitamin D supplements can dull that sense of something big being just not right. Where is winter? Where was summer?)



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