Sending the Team Off

 We ate spaghetti and salad and the bid on all kinds of things-- from Inez's pecan pie (31.00) to 25lbs. of fresh filleted halibut donated by fisherman Stuart DeWitt (215.00)-- and raised 8600.00 in few hours to send the boys team to Anchorage for the state championship. (They needed 8,400.00) Their first game is Monday, and Doug will be announcing it on KHNS. Luckily they all got out in this snow storm on the ferry this afternoon, and will fly up from Juneau. The Alaska Airlines tickets are the big expense, about 500.00 each. The auction item that brought the most money-- 500.00-- was a basketball autographed by  all the boys on the Region V Championship team, and a bit of the net they cut down to go with it. ( My son-in-law the girls coach made it and gave it for the cause.) It was also a coming out party of sorts for Caroline, who had a fine time being passed from fan to fan. There is a good feeling about the team.It was especially nice that they wore ties and greeted everyone who arrived and thanked us for coming. They even cleared the plates.  


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