So Busy Taking Care of..

Children! Yesterday I had the brunettes- and I couldn't find my camera, I apologize, but my life has been like that lately in that everything I'm looking for is under  a pile of something I should be doing, before I do what I am actually doing... -- anyway, today I had the blondes.  ( The red head is in Juneau, and did very well in his first week of daycare.)

Also, I wanted to remind you that the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel is having a fundraiser Saturday at 6:00 in the Chilkat Center, with desserts, a dog fashion show, and a silent auction of collars that local artists have "blinged" up-- I want one for Pearl. And a little later-- beginning at 8:00- there will be a live music and beer fundraiser out at Ian's ski making shop at the end of Mud Bay Road for my favorite KHNS radio host, Scottie Carey, who is a talented timber framer and had his shop burn down last Saturday. There's more to tell you- like the story of the eagle killing the duck on my morning walk-- but that will have to wait, as I'm due for dinner with the darling brunettes next door shortly. In the meantime here's a last Friday of March postcard. (March came in like a baby in Juneau and went out like a little Haines girl and a dog. There's a lot to love about that.)

Ivy was cold, so she and I went inside, and Caroline and Pearl took a walk down the beach. I am so grateful to live in a place where a little girl and a dog can still do that, you know?



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