So Rich in Love and Talent

Christy Tengs Fowler's show last night at the Chilkat Center was the latest best thing on an already can-you-top-this kind of summer of weddings,  festivals, the Fair -- even the rain is amazing and breaking all records. Her songs, all based on Dr. Phil's books, TV show, and sayings are also deeply personal, applying Dr. Phil's advice to her life-- and so while many are funny and sweet and make you want to clap along-- some are heart stopping-- like the rap about children (she and her brother) hiding from a drunken father, a dirge about a woman beaten by her husband for talking back to him until finally speaking up and tossing him jail--  and This Family Needs a Hero, about hoping a drunkard father will straighten up, sung by three sweet young kids--  well, that one slayed me. Anyway, I think that Christy , who as nutty as it sounds hopes to be Dr. Phil's personal songwriter and wants him to listen to her songs for himself so she'll see how good she'd be for him,  should re-think that.  (The show was filmed for an independent movie about all this unlikely story, and I for one want a happy ending, don't you?)  So how about she skips Dr. Phil, and embraces Christy. She wrote these songs, not Dr. Phil. Her own stories, her spin on his platitudes are actually one better than Dr. Phil. I mean, it's easy for him to say all this stuff-- but she's listened and she has lived it and still can smile and sing about it all-- and has so many people who love her and wish her well that she can pack the Chilkat Center, with an audience and great local performers-- and get a standing ovation from the regulars at the Pioneer to Bar to Presbyterian Elders, babies, old people, hipsters, tour guides, fishermen, miners-- Native and non-Native. Mud Bay to Main Street. That's my fifty cents. Also, in a sign of the times,  there are Red Vote Yes to Repeal the Giveaway signs all over town (I am a Yes and so is Chip. Oil companies do not charity. What would Dr. Phil say about that?)... and the Alaska Democratic Party has set up an office here,  at the little red fast ferry office across the Port Chilkoot Dock, and Senator Begich will be there Sunday 11:45-1:30 or so to meet folks and thank us for the support. Two senators in  the same month? In Haines? What's going on? Must mean every vote counts, or that the world is paying more attention to Haines. That could be could be good for Dr. Phil. If he comes to the Bamboo Room for a burger and fries, folks here will recognize him (his face was on all the t-shirts last night) and be able to sing his praises-- literally-- thanks to Christy. He really should listen to what she's done for him. I think he'd be floored.


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