Some News

I was in Juneau for a wedding (more on that later) when Variety announced that my books are being turned into a semi-fictional TV drama series-- Here's the official scoop. 

I really am excited (and a little nervous) to be part of all of this. I have a whole lot of confidence in the FremantleMedia team and my representatives to do right by my work, family, and community-- since it's all wrapped up together.

Like everything else in my so-called career, this has happened in a crazy-good kind of way, beginning with Amy Gash, an editor at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill calling me up after she heard me on the radio and asking if I'd like to write a book (If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name in 2005), to a London-based TV exec (FremantleMedia Global Drama director), Sarah Doole, the force behind the BBC's Call the Midwife, among other great shows, learning about me from a BBC Magazine article, reading Find the Good and loving it, and then contacting me through this site about transforming it into a scripted TV drama. (Another good reason to always read and answer email.) My agent and friend Elizabeth Wales in Seattle jumped in to help me navigate the ins and outs, and another friend of hers, LA based Brian Pines joined us, and we all hit it off with each other and Sarah, and the show's producer, Christian Vesper, who even visited Haines last summer as did Amy Gash and now we are all part of what feels like the Find the Good "A Team."

Sarah and Christian even managed to Fed Ex a lovely teapot from London to my daughter's house in Juneau so that it arrived the same day as the announcement, with a sweet note encouraging me to join them in the English tradition of "proper" afternoon tea.

The most fun for me so far? Imagining which actor will play Chip.

(Actually, he won't play Chip. He will play the husband of the character that will be a lot like me. There won't be any real names in the show.  It's a semi-fictional drama-- not a documentary.)

And now I could really use a strong cup of tea. (How did they know?)



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