Sun Drunk

This weather just has me all sun drunk-- it is crazy, and beautiful, and as Mary Jean just said on the phone (she had dialed my number by mistake, but we had a nice chat anyway), it even smells like summer used to when she was a kid in San Diego-- the sand, the sea, the suntan lotion. Chip and I stopped at Mary Jean's deli, Mountain Market, Saturday mid morning at the end of our bike ride for a coffee and cinnamon roll and so we wouldn't miss the Fair parade, and it was packed-- so crowded that we skipped the snack and had the self-serve honor system serve yourself coffee instead of lattes. The scene reminded me of Sun Valley in 1980. (Except we have a marching band! It was terrific.) The weather means everyone is tan and smiling and riding bikes. It was 80 yesterday, we ate dinner with friends that had an electric fan blowing. Of course now the kids are here for raspberries and beach time, and running every which way. I may not be  back until it rains. (I'll try to get here sooner than that... but you get the idea.)


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