Sunday's Thought

I was a little stuck this morning, thinking of my Sunday Thought. There's so much seasonal pressure, you know? I first thought a line from a hymn, or carol would do--  but there are so many rolling around in my head right now. Then I thought of something I heard Faulkner once said. When he was asked what he thought of Christianity, he supposedly replied he thought it sounded pretty good and maybe we should try it some time. I couldn't find the direct quote though, so maybe that's a just a good line I wish I'd said? Finally I got to thinking about Solstice and Advent and light-- and especially darkness-- which here in the north is often filled with light--stars, snow, fire, aurora, a twinkling tree in a window, good cheer from folks you meet on Main Street or a snowy trail-- and I decided a verse from one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems would be good-- "We grow accustomed to the dark-- when light is put away." But that sounded sort of blue out of context, and so I figured I'd share the whole poem, so you can to take it with you through the next few days with a little smile, and maybe a surer step.

We grow accustomed to the Dark-

When Light is put away

As when a Neighbor holds the Lamp

To witness her Goodbye--


A Moment-- We uncertain step

For newness of the night

Then fit our Vision to the Dark

And meet the Road --erect--


And so of larger Darknesses

Those Evenings of the Brain

When not a Moon disclose a sign

Or Star come out within--


The Bravest grope a little

And sometimes hit a tree

Directly in the forehead

But as they learn to see-


Either Darkness alters-

Or something in the sight

Adjusts itself to Midnight-

And Life steps almost straight.


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