Sunday's Thought

A year ago on Father's Day, the day after the annual Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay, we were at Harborview trauma center in Seattle and a team of doctors were figuring out how to put Chip's pelvis, ribs, and lung back together after a horrible crash in stage 1 of the race. Yesterday, we rode in the 23rd annual relay (we rode in the first too, and just about every one in between) as a Lende family team of 4-- with Eliza and her husband Justin. Not only are we not in an emergency room today, but we all have ribbons-- second place in the mixed 4s. I know you may think it's crazy for both of us-- repaired pelvises and all-- to keep riding any bikes, much less racing on them-- and I sometimes do too. But one look at Chip's face yesterday afternoon while we waited for Eliza to finish the race explains everything-- doesn't it?

Happiness has its risks-- all joy does-- and when you really know what the risk is in your bones, and weigh the loss with the gain, and prepare yourself as best as you are able-- and then take it anyway, the reward is that much sweeter. 



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