Sunday's Thought (more of a ramble today)

Grandma Joanne and I are safely at the farm in Virginia where all the neighbors are very happy about the rain after a dry spell (over an inch yesterday), and the cool temperatures, after weeks of three digit heat it's about 65. The flights were long, crowded and turbulent with delays for thunderstorms at both Seattle and Dulles. There was a lot of puking, but thankfully not from either of us. During one rattling stretch a man yelled for a towel as the flight attend lurched toward her jump seat, and hollered that she couldn't risk being killed over a little vomit.  I sat next to a Nigerian woman from Maryland who had just been on an Alaska cruise. She said she took it because she is a Christian, and Jesus is coming soon, and she wanted to see a glacier before she left earth. When it got really bumpy, I told her I hoped Jesus wasn't coming now, and she assured me that it was out of our control, which somehow made me feel better. Last night we had dinner with our friend Sue on the porch, with the fan going to keep the bugs away, and a muggy mist settling over the dark fields. We talked about the awful shooting, and what the world was coming too, and how sad and terrible it was, and why on earth people can still buy assault rifles. I thought of the killer's neighbor, who for some good but unknown reason didn't open that booby trapped door, and the security in London and at the airports, and of the  Nigerian woman, and how she said all of this out of our control, and once again felt a kind of comfort. There were five dogs at our feet, and candles on the table. We were all alive and well, and more grateful than ever to be here, as well we should be.


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