I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Looks  like we might have to skate on Chilkoot Lake after all today, as we won’t be able to tomorrow, or for a while, if the forecast comes true. I hear the ice is solid, where the skaters have been, although there is a skiff of snow on top and you can’t see it clearly, so be cautious.  I was going to wait a day or two. But now it looks like I’ll brave it– and bring my life jacket and a rope.

The National Weather Service in Juneau has issued a Winter Storm
Watch… which is in effect from Sunday morning through Monday

* Snow… up one foot.

* Timing… a front will develop through Saturday night and snow
will move over the area late Saturday night and increase through Sunday.

* Impacts… driving will be hazardous along with areas of blowing
snow from strong winds gusts near Lynn Canal.

The  two actors from Macbeth (which I should call The Scottish Play, I hear, to avoid bad luck) who are staying with us are eating breakfast with my husband. They arrived after an extra long ferry ride in the north storm winds yesterday a little green in the gills. Chip made them eggs and toast. McDuff and Banquo, both Juneau college students in real life, are amazed at my homegrown eggs, and eating well, after yesterday’s purge. “It was really bad. Even if you weren’t already sick, watching somone else vomit pretty much forced you to be, ” the young Banquo just declared.  “They were about to turn around if it got any worse,” McDuff said, “but they kept going, it was very impressive.” I heard that the day before, the ferry crew ran out of barf bags and handed out Zip-locks. (It was gusting over 70 knots at Eldred Rock lighthouse.) That was the ship Haines’ newest resident, little Evan White rode home on, but his mom Kristin said the week-old infant son of a fisherman and grandson of two fishermen, weathered the swells better than everyone else. I guess that’s a kind of Lynn Canal baptism. I’m sure the photos of the ice covered ferry will make his baby book. The wrestling tourney continues at the school today, and Melina is having an open house with hot cider and cookies at her dad’s shop, The Wild Iris, from noon-5.  Everyone is invited to holiday shop for lovely handcrafted jewelry. She says, “Fred’s in Poland or somewhere, so he won’t mind.” It feels like we are in Siberia  “or somewhere,” but tonight, we’ll be in Scotland. (The show begins at 7. Tickets at the door, and at the Babbling Book. There is an Arts Council  wine and cheese reception with the director before the play, that you can buy a  ticket for, too. It begins at 5:45 in the lobby.)