The Team Won Again!

 The Haines Glacier Bears won again tonight. The boys beat the Barrow Whalers 57-45. Kyle Fossman was the player of the game with 31 points. Kyle Rush had 13  and Tyler Swinton 9. (I also have a soft spot for Jesse Piper who may not be a high scorer but who played great defense.) The boys play the Nome Nanooks- a great team-- tomorrow at 5:15 for the the state championship. Holy Mackerel. Or I should say Holy Hooligan?Tomorrow's game will be broadcast on KHNS and on statewide TV.  I was so anxious listening to the game that I baked two loaves of  Irish soda bread for tomorrow. Also, the school colors are green, white, and black. Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day has to be a good luck charm, right? And Lance Mackey won another Iditarod. How wonderful is that? I am over the moon with so much great good fortune.  


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