That's More Like November

It was so nice to have a little snow this morning. It feels normal. T'is the season after all. Tomorrow the decorating begins (and maybe even ends if enough elves show up) at the library for the holiday open house the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Lighting of the Library used to be that Friday, but it was just too crazy with the holiday the day before, and everyone needed a rest day. The gathering is free, and it begins at 3:00 next Saturday. I love it that in Haines we go to the library rather than the mall on Thanksgiving Saturday. The annual Women's Club Bazaar is tomorrow, so there will be lots of handmade local gifts in the school between 10-2, as well. I'm thinking about that bamboo fence haiku -- and one of the best reasons to buy locally at bazaars and in stores owned and operated by your friends and neighbors-- "I said I was Christmas shopping, but I meant I wanted to see you." 

Here's a very subjective road report:  I made the first tracks in the snow on lower Mud Bay Road as I headed to the pool early bird lap swim. In the locker room afterwards, one swimmer asked if it was icy out my way, and I said I think so, but I didn't slide or anything-- I was driving carefully after hearing about some five rigs in the ditch on the highway the last few days--  and I asked if it was slick up on the hillside where her house is, and she wasn't sure either, but that it should be, as the snow was almost rain up there, and it is probably icy underneath the skiff of snow, but like me, she had taken it easy. The lifeguard drove all the way in from 18-Mile. She cruised along on the empty road at 40 mph and said it was fine. "I'd rather go a little slower than spend two hours getting my car back on the road."

As for Pearl, she stays off the roads unless she's with me and on a leash. She also has a little light on her collar we bought at HARK, for walking in the dark.



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