I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Have you noticed that I seem to show up here every Tuesday lately? Honestly, I promise that I’m getting it together and from now on will send you pithy, brilliant, and informative daily news of life in Haines, or if not all that, at least something interesting about life as I know it on most days, now that mine are settling into a pattern. I have even made a schedule for myself and writing this is in it every day except Saturday. (I am returning to the Sunday’s Thought feature, too.) I’ve been a little loose. Okay, a lot loose. I apologize. Especially with summer and family and hunting and walking the dog and writing a book and all that. But enough excuses. “The sun was in my eyes and the ball hit a rock and took a bad bounce”, will just not fly with you, will it? (Can you tell we have been watching ball games?) So,  from now on I will do my best to make both of our days a bit brighter, or at least tell you something you may not already know, or remind you of something you care about (or should.) I will also continue to share photos.  First, here is something you need to know if you are in Haines and Klukwan: the not-to-be -missed Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center benefit gourmet dinner and auction is Saturday at 6 in Klukwan at the ANS Hall and the menu and tickets are at the Babbling Book store on Main Street. I am sending you there in person so you will check out the fantastic new window displays at Howsers, courtesy of Howsers owner Mike Ward and the Arts Confluence.  Please thank Mike by supporting his store, and while you are at the bookstore do the same. Buy a book while you are picking up dinner tickets. ( I’d get a few tickets and invite friends to join you, that’s a nice way to do this event.) As to which book to select? Literary novels especially increase your emotional intelligence. (As one friend of mine noted when her middle-aged husband left her after 25 years of marriage because he wanted a “new life” : He obviously hadn’t read enough novels. She said if he had, he would have known what he was feeling was so normal it was practically a cliche.) Speaking of windows, have you seen the Barracks Building? Drive or walk by that too– really, things are looking so spiffy in Haines it’s too bad we will soon be in the dark buried in snow. I will take some photos of the new windows to share while I’m out about with Caroline for ballet lessons and grocery shopping today, but In the meantime here’s a couple from the changing season and growing family featuring all four granddaughters.  And thank you– thank you so much for reading what I write, sharing it, and encouraging me to stay in touch. It is very nice to know that when I go away I’m  missed, and for a while anyway–  in January I’m taking a trip– I will be here just about daily, again. Promise.