There's a Boil Order in Town

Yesterday late afternoon the Borough announced that a routine test of the town water system found E.coli, and told users to boil water for cooking and drinking (and I would add bathing babies), for two minutes. I think the test was taken Monday, and the results came back yesterday, and you can imagine how concerned everyone is, because that means they were drinking it for a few days-- or more-- but am not sure, as the radio news staff are on vacation and the paper doesn't come out until later today-- though there is this alert on the Borough web site.

I had a friend over last night and sent him home with a gallon of our well water, and there was a line of cars filling up jugs at the spring further down Mud Bay Road. Hopefully we will know more as the day progresses. The Police department did put out a facebook post last night asking residents to stop calling 911 for information as they know no more than what the Borough already shared with system users.  

On the plus side, I talked with my daughter who lives in town, and who is a big water drinker as are her children (3 and 5) and they are not sick, and neither are other friends on the town water. Chip says no one at the lumberyard is sick and they drink water all day too-- especially in this warm weather. The reaction apparently happens quickly with this sort of bacteria-- stomach troubles within 24 hours-- so maybe it is not a particularly potent strain of E. coli?

Let's hope.








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