I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

I just love this place.

We had such a nice Easter, full of friends, family and good news — my daughter JJ is the new principal of the Unalaska Dutch Harbor elementary school– and our surfing son is heading home from Australia to fish this summer– the four local grandchildren tumbled about in Easter dresses in church on Sunday, and our little Episcopal mission church was even crowded and I’m still singing alleluias.  

I needed that after the emotional roller coaster of the recall week. I cried for one whole day, and didn’t sleep for two nights after the clerk certified the recall petitions. I enjoy my work on the assembly, and I believe I’m doing a good job, yet I am being accused of misconduct and breaking the law. 

Both of Mr. Turner’s claims are false, and hurt, because all I have in terms of my credibility as a writer, and a role model for my grand children, are my integrity, honesty, and good will. I knew life was unfair, and no good deed goes unpunished, but this is getting ridiculous.

First: I have never used my assembly position for financial gain. For 20 years I’ve written obituaries for the CVN.  I earn about 1,000 dollars annually, more in sad years. My blog is free to readers and costs me to maintain. The Police Blotter is not featured. 

Second: I have not violated the open meetings law. I replied to one email from one assembly member that was not in a group thread or cc’d to anyone. Furthermore, we disagreed, so it did not alter the outcome of a public vote. 

What worries me most is that no matter how it ends, who on earth will run for office in Haines ever again if it so easy to malign assembly members?

Thank goodness that at Easter we agreed “no politics!” and on my morning walk, my friend and I decided “no negativity!” and to list our blessings. We both had so many that we ended up just laughing and saying “all of it– this place, this life, these people– it’s all good.” 

It was cold and clear at six and looked like a nice morning for a bike ride, but on the way out the road the Northeast wind kicked up like the special effects in an Antonioni film — swirling dust funnels and tossing branches and stray yard debris — change is in the air, I hope. It was so windy that we couldn’t complete our bike ride as planned. It almost blew us over, and even held us to 5 mph while pedaling down the Lutak Road hill. We decided to do a few repeats along the two mile stretch of Mud Bay Road by our house before calling it quits for the day, hammering into the wind one way, and zooming with the gales at our back the other. The resistance made me appreciate the smooth sailing all the more. There’s a metaphor in there for life isn’t there? 

 Speaking of which, the world still turns while we fret (or try not to).There is a budget meeting tonight at 5:30, and if you have concerns please come and share them, and tomorrow there is a town hall meeting at 5:30 in the Chilkat Center regarding police protection out side the town site. (Which is part of the reason for the proposed 150,000 increase in the police budget.) The assembly wants to hear from you. Thursday morning from 10-11, I will host a new monthly arts and culture radio magazine on KHNS. (I’m volunteering, so please don’t start another recall petition…) This week we will feature artist Wayne Price on carving as healing, and the upcoming Northwords writers conference in the interview segments, a story from Rivertalk (the last one of the season is Thursday night), and what Haines, Klukwan, and Skagway are reading and what the local libraries and bookstores recommend. Then on Friday, there is a community benefit double-header.  Big Brothers, Big Sisters’ bowling fundraiser is after school in the gym, and KHNS hosts a wine tasting fundraiser after that at Harriett Hall.  The Chamber of Commerce has community clean up trash bags in the office, so once the weather settles down we can help pick up the mess.

And now I have to pot my dahlias. I can’t believe I have not started them yet.I think there are a few Easter eggs still hidden in the grass, too. Maybe I will get lucky and find one wth chocolate in it.