Ten* Things to Think About if You Are Hit by a Truck

The people of Haines were tremendously influential in my recovery, as were my family and my faith. Throughout the healing process, I was forced to look anew at so many aspects of my life. You don’t need to wait for a near-fatal accident to take stock of what’s most important, though. I’ve put together this list based on some of the questions I asked myself during that time. I hope these will help you start a discussion with your friends and family about your own spiritual and community life.

1. Who will take care of your family while you recover?

Do you have friends and family who would step in during a crisis and vice versa? Have you talked about it with them?

2. Who will take care of you?

What community are you a part of? Who are your main connections in life—neighbors, family, friends, church, political groups?

3. Who is listening to your prayers?

Do you follow any particular faith or spiritual path? How do you practice it so that you can draw on it when you get hit by the proverbial truck?

4. Why do we so often assume bad news only happens to other people?

Is it denial? Chances are, in fact, that something’s going to go wrong sometime. Is it your nature to be an optimist? Can you ever be prepared?

5. Should you curse, or sing?

How can your response to a bad bolt from the blue make you, and the people around you, happier?

6. Do you feel lucky to be alive?

How does surviving trauma—emotional or physical—change you for the better? How does it connect you to your fellow humans, near and far?

7. Should you have walked instead of riding your bicycle?

Would you get back on the bike after you healed? Why, or why not?

8. Speaking of healing, how do we heal?

What roles do family, faith, gardens, and dogs play in our physical and emotional recovery?

9. Can you forgive the guy who ran you over?

Why should you?

10. What did you learn that will help you the next time you get hit by a truck?

Or when a parent is dying, a friend is ill, or a dog kills your chickens? What is the proper response to the sorrows in your world?

*And, finally (and this is just between you and me), did you shave your legs today?

Why do women care so much what other people think of them, even in an emergency?


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