Unplugged for 10 Days!

Oh great. Fireman Al and Lyle are on the radio giving the weekly Safety Report and it's all about the hazards of traveling Outside just as I am packing for a trip to Hawaii for spring break with my daughters and grandbabies. The list of hazards is endless-- from lost tickets to lost children-- and don't forget to leave the hand lotion behind and remember  what your rental car looks like. Breathe. I can do this. And I will. Yesterday I sent my new book off to the publisher on time and in good enough shape, I hope, to be on the spring 2014 list, where it's supposed to be. I'm feeling pretty good about that. And I'm feeling I deserve a vacation, a real vacation, so I'm leaving my office at home. I will not have to worry about keeping thieves from pinching my computer, as I'm not bringing one. (I don't need no stinking iPad neither.) A dumb phone works as well as a  smart one,  and no one can steal my ID from it. I'm packing some real paperback books too, that can get wet and sandy and that I can leave behind. I'll be unplugged for ten whole days.  (Maybe you should try this at home?) -- "See" you when I return.  


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