I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Due to an overwhelming response to my inquiry earlier today, I figured you deserved an update. The phrase is, “Up and at ’em,” not Atom or possibly Adam (which in my defense, makes some sense, as Adam  was the first person ever to wake in the morning… )Also, Atom is kind of bouncy too, and the popularity of the phrase did come from that old cartoon– turns out Atom Ant’s mantra was “Up and at ’em, Atom Ant!”  But here’s where it gets even more interesting. According to one really smart friend of mine, who is also a scientist and on the school board– the phrase has been used to wake up British children (which may also be why I know it, as my father was born in London and my grandparents lived with us as kids)  for almost 200 years and is attributed to the Duke of Wellington who supposedly said it to the troops just before the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Except that when the Duke was asked about it later, he said he didn’t say it quite that way. Never the less, we still say  “up and at ’em” around here, and now I know how to spell it, as well. Also, you will be happy to know that Pearl is feeling better, and she looks a lot better, though is still puffy eyed, and napping, thanks to her second Benedryl. Luckily, the vet is in town for her regular visit from Juneau, and suspects Pearl was bit by a spider who escaped from the firewood by the stove.