I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Can you believe it? It’s an election day, my favorite holiday. I love to vote. I hope you do too– Please do. There are a lot of good people running for local office– I’m still not sure who all I’ll choose yet for all the borough assembly and school board seats– but I do know Ardy Miller will get one of my school board votes, the career educator who retired here was terrific in the KHNS/ Chilkat Valley News candidate forum, and is supported by Anne Marie Palmieri who knows her way around the school board block. I will also write in Mario Benassi. He is an arts, library, and education supporter which is huge for me, and I didn’t hear other candidates mention anything but cuts to “things we can’t afford” which always makes me concerned, especially because the “things we can’t afford” are always the things that make living here good- and since residential property tax and residents paying sales tax supports us, always seems crazy to me, economically as well as socially. Plus, Mario is right:  while it may sound a little silly at first, life here does get down to salmon on lots and lots of levels. From fishing families to our natural beauty and wildlife.  And they taste good and are good for us. Also, I know my friend Tom at the paper thinks the ballot question is a silly distraction, but I disagree. I can’t wait to vote yes for human beings (and changing the borough charter to reflect that in the preamble) and against corporate personhood. Even my Republican husband agrees with that (and co-sponsored the referendum.) Businesses aren’t people.  Lutak Lumber is not a person. It is not our child or our parent and should not have the same constitutional rights they do. It doesn’t mean I don’t love and support and am not proud of Lutak Lumber, I do and I am. But different laws should apply to our little corporation than for our big family. The same is true for  very big corporations versus very small families.  That is simple. In other news, congratulations to Keegan Sundberg and Zayla Asquith-Heinz for finishing in the top ten at the regional cross country meet, and good luck at State this weekend! And today at noon there is a funeral for Viki Parker at the catholic church. The sometimes gruff gas station attendant with a kind heart who always had biscuits for the dogs (whom she adored)  died at HAL on Friday of cancer. She was 69. Finally, the moose hunt continues. 21 have been turned in as of yesterday.  Chip’s out waiting for one somewhere right now before heading to work, but I went to Morning Muscles instead today and will head to yoga this evening.  Yoga, by the way, is very good for hunters. Seriously. It will help your back and your breath.