Watershed Good News

Went to the Borough Assembly meeting last night, and it was pretty good. Part of becoming a grandmother, I figure, is to stand up for things that make this community the kind that Caroline should be raised in. Mind you, I am a woman who thinks four hens are enough to change the world. They give us all the fresh eggs we need. In other words, we don't need to do a bunch of big things, just little ones, and we also need to support the groups already doing them. Anyway, that's why I asked the Assembly to create a local economic task force similar the energy one, that does its best to first, and foremost, make sure the money that residents are already spending, is spent in Haines. That could help spruce up the place, too. It is also why, along with about seven or eight other folks, I spoke well of the Takshanuk Watershed Council's efforts. (It was nice that no one spoke badly. It gets discouraging sometimes, when a group of volunteers with limited staff are doing a good thing, and they get trashed by people who have never helped pull garbage from a local stream or chaperoned twenty first-graders dip netting in a creek.) Emily Seward and the watershed crew has done so much to clean up Sawmill Creek, and to teach children about how much fun it is to learn about fish and bugs in the swamp near the school that we should give them a standing ovation. I can't wait to take Caroline on her first field trip to the new outdoor education "center." ( The stream side lot near the school that the council has recently acquired.) I'm glad the Assembly voted to make the watershed property tax-exempt for these purposes.


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