We Are Off

So sorry I didn't say goodbye, but we were in a bit of a rush today, what with sitting on my suitcase so it would zip with four pairs of size ten shoes in it and the fast trip to buy chicken food and bird netting for the berries before catching the 11:45 ferry which actually didn't depart until almost 2:00, but the sun was shining and it was kind of nice to sit outside and read while we waited.  Grandma Joanne and I are in Juneau tonight where Eliza cooked us halibut enchiladas. Grandma has the futon we call the taco, and she'll find out why as soon as it folds up around her. I'm on the couch with my grand dog Annie, a year old Golden Retriever. We fly out to Dulles first thing (6am) and spend the weekend at the farm in Northern Va. before heading to London Tuesday night. It appears (that is if the the first piece I send is okay) that I will be blogging about the London Olympic horse events for the Huffington Post. I'll cross post here, and probably share some other news and photos as well. I hope that I'll have Internet access once I leave the 49th state (they have it in other places, right?)We are staying with Grandma Joanne's friend Gill (that's Jill in England, apparently) in a four hundred year old thatched cottage a short train ride from the action. I also promised Dianne N. that I'd remind you all of the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel cash back raffle, all the proceeds go to feed homeless Haines animals. Tickets are ten dollars, and first prize is 1,000, second is 500, and third is 250. You can pick one up at the bank, Babbling Book, or Kings Store. If you live far away you may call 907-766-3334 and someone will tell you how to buy one.



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