We Wished Her Lots of Love

I have been a little shy about adding a new post, since Friday seemed a bit like all Heather, all the time.
But I did promise to let you know what happened at choir practice. When Susie came in, those of us who had heard the news all cheered and congratulated her, and those of us who hadn't were quickly filled in. We also learned about her beau, Jeff, who lives mostly down near Sullivan Island  and is an outdoorsy working guy. "He's basically a harvester" Susie said, as in logger, hunter, heavy equipment driver. He gave her the ring and then went hunting. Once we got that out of the way, we sang her a modified version of John McCutcheon's happy birthday song, making sure to replace "we wish you many more" with " we wish you lots of love." As in "It's your marriage we wish you lots of love.."
Of course there were lots of laughs from those among us that have had more than one marriage, but that's another story. Then we got down to business and rehearsed Christmas music, since our first holiday appearance is coming up at the bazaar the first weekend in December.


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