The Wedding was Beautiful.. and All is Quite Well in a Busy Way.

From my inbox this morning:

Dearest Heather:
I am sending good thoughts your way as we have not seen your blog since the 19th.  We are knowing that all is well with you and yours.  If your life is less than perfect at the moment, just know that we are lifting you all up in prayer.

Carole and Richard in NC

Dear Carole and Richard:

My life is actually more than perfect at the moment. Thank you for the note and for missing my blog. 

We have had a busy week or so-- what with the wedding on Saturday of our second to youngest daughter in Haines (and the sun even came out!) --  so I have not been blogging or even carrying a camera, notebook, or  my phone too much to be "present" for all of it. And we have a lot of family here still. Grandma Joanne and Papa Bob and Eliza and James are all at the house. We just finished lunch and are planning what's for supper when more family will join us.

Anyway, I laughed when I read your kind note this morning. (I had an obituary to write and so was catching up on emails while I was at my desk while everyone was still sleeping)--

I will be back to the blog next Monday for sure-- and perhaps sooner if there is a lull in the action. Perhaps when I'm waiting for a cake to bake for the Hospice dessert booth at the SE Alaska State Fair which starts tomorrow in Haines?!

Warm Regards,




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