I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

In the news from the moose hunt, Ralph and Vince got the seventh so far (as of last night anyway) and the weather promises to be miserable– rainy and windy and cooler– the first snow has dusted the top of Santa Claus Mountain and more peaks out the valley. The river is running fast and high with all this rain. In other not-really-news, there are skates– the fish kind– you know,  sting rays they are sometimes called? Washing up on the Chilkat beach, a first in my memory. My son-in-law the fish biologist says it means the water is warmer than usual. That’s not a good thing, I don’t think. Speaking of alarms, yesterday during our library board meeting an ambulance siren wailed and one headed out from the fire hall toward the school. After looking out the window we saw it thankfully zoom by the school. Of course, there’s always a good-news bad-news issue with ambulances, but this time it was all good- A caller had reported a person slumped in a vehicle on the side of the road, a possible heart attack.  Turns out they were hunched over texting and really startled when the EMTS appeared. Before you think the caller may have been too concerned, remember when that poor man was dead in his car a lot longer than you’d think possible on Main Street, and everyone thought he was napping and didn’t want to bother him?

We are heading up the river today for the weekend, so will miss the DDF meet, but be sure to check out the command performances, or judge– call the school if  you can help.  I am hoping to be home in time for fall equinox yoga at 4 Sunday afternoon in the Chilkat Center lobby, which is not a priority for Chip, so we’ll see. Since he’s taking tickets for the Arts Council, we will for sure be back for the Hot Club of Cowtown Monday evening, and the Arts Confluence silent auction-fundraising wine and cheese harvest of local arts big happy  to-do Tuesday 5-7 in the lobby, too. Rob Goldberg’s instruments will be played, I will be reading from my new book, and I hear Debi Knight-Kennedy will, too. The museum conference begins Thursday, and in preparation the gallery is being hung with art in the permanent collection. It will be up tomorrow. One more thing: the library is closed for cleaning today and tomorrow. When it re-opens go see what’s been added to the Doris Owen Ward Room. John Carlson has made it really special.