Welcome Molly Frances!

Little Molly Frances is here! ( All 6. lbs.15 oz and 19 inches... and what about her hair? Well, It has a reddish tinge.. so time will tell.) Mother and baby are well.

The rest of us are too.Having a December baby makes singing "Joy to the World" that much better.

The most fun was the scene in the hospital room last night about two hours after she was born. This big loving crazy in a good way family is like something out of an Ann Tyler novel. It's not only babies that make families-- it's all the new relatives-- It's a double gift. 


She has ten fingers and ten toes...

We did make sure everyone washed their hands before they held her.. Uncle Carl is scrubbed and waiting his turn as soon as Uncle Bryan puts her down.. Aunt JJ can't stop smiling.

Three men and a baby girl. Grandpa introduced James to big brotherhood. (Just remember she's always right, and you will be fine little man...)

Aunt Betsy leads the Paprazzi...


Why do grandmothers cry when we hold new babies? There's love, and joy, and relief of course that all is well now, but there's more.

For those first few hours, when a baby is still adjusting to our world, before she becomes a cooing and needy infant, she is completely content. Serene.  The greater miracle is the look in those eyes. They hold all the wisdom of the universe. Pay attention to what is good and true she says. You won't pass this way again. Love is the meaning of life. Be thankful. 


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