I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Can you tell I have the flu? “Whatever”? Honestly.

I read an article about Ronald Reagan and dementia that said one researcher who studied Reagan’s word choices while he was in office  concluded that his growing use of vague nouns like “stuff” and “thing” should have flagged doctors that he was Alzheimer’s bound. Great. I can’t even think in sentences right now.

My house is under construction, too. I’m wheezing around among the carpenters and napping to the drone of the saws-all. I talked to a pastor friend yesterday about an obituary I’m too sick to write and he was praying for me as the phone line was accidentally cut. Next week, I do get to go to Juneau. For a colonoscopy. Did I mention I have a new book coming out? It’s called Find the Good. (Don’t make me laugh or I’ll start coughing.)

But what I wanted to be sure you know is that this is National Library Week.  Which means lots of fun stuff- I mean activities for the whole family at the library. Every day at lunch there’s also live music in the stacks and  Friday is Fine Forgiveness Day. It’s all very festive in there. 

Thursday night at the Chilkat Center is another Rivertalk event, they are always great. (I have a planning commission meeting instead. We will be discussing the latest harbor plans at the end.) Friday night, the center hosts the KHNS spring wine tasting fundraiser at the Chilkat Center, and Saturday at the center, acclaimed Theatre in the Rough from Juneau perform Shakespeare’s Henry V with all their usual flair and sword fighting.

One more thing (I’m sure there’s more but my brain is in flu fog), the museum food exhibit from the Smithsonian is terrific, especially the local connections, and it’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to teacher, farmer, author, historian, and former mayor Bob Henderson whose obituary I can’t write this week. ( Mr. Henderson did so much in Haines, for so long, it should pretty much write itself.)